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Electric stainless steel flange floating ball valve

Valve parameters:


Pressure:PN16 – PN40

Body Materials:Stainless Steel ,CF8,CF8M

Ball Materials:SS304, SS316

Seal Materials: PTFE, RPTFE

Connection: flange

Drive type: Electric

Structure type:floating

Mô tả sản phẩm

electric automatic control high temperature ball valve with Aluminum alloy

It is widely used in textile, power station, petrochemical, heating and refrigeration, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, light industry and environmental protection fields.Advantage:

1. The opening and closing are convenient , the fluid resistance is small,can operate frequently
2. Simple structure, small volume and light weight.
3. Under low pressure, good seal can be achieved.
4. Good regulatory performance.







Actuator Type Motor Operated
Relative Humidity (Min/Max) % 20% – 80%
Service On –Off  / Modulation






Electric     valve       actuator









Opening Time: Full Open 5s /10s /15s / 30s
Opening Time: Full Close 5s /10s /15s / 30s
Enclosure  IP67
Hand Wheel for Manual Operation Clockwise to  Close
Torque Output (Nm)  30N.m- 2000N.m
Rated Power (Kw)  50Hz /60Hz
Rated Current (A)  AC220V/ AC380 V/ DC12V /DC24V
Stroke  Angular 90
Control Signal  Impulsive
Limit Protection  Yes
Torque Protection  Yes
Motor Protection when valve jams  Yes
Thermostatic Protection  Yes
Overloading and short circuit of control  Yes
Surface Colour Blue / orange / grey
Operation/ Maintenance Manual  Yes
Test report and Certificates  CE

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