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■ Machine building
■ Shipbuilding
■ Measurement and control technology
■ Hydraulics and pneumatics
■ Pumps and compressors
Special features
■ Measuring ranges from 0 … 20in WC to 0 … 15,000 psi
(0 … 0.05 to 0 … 1,000 bar)
■ Non-linearity 0.25 % or 0.5 %
■ Output 4 … 20 mA, DC 0 … 10 V, DC 0 … 5 V and others
■ Electrical connection: Angular connector form A and C,
circular connector M12 x 1, cable outlet 6 ft
■ Process connection G ¼ A DIN 3852-E, ¼ NPT
and others

The model A-10 pressure transmitter for general industrial
applications is not only notable for its compact design, but it
also offers excellent quality at an extremely competitive price.
The user can choose between a non-linearity of 0.25 %
and 0.5 %. A free test protocol provides information on the
measuring points recorded during manufacture.
The model A-10 is set up for worldwide use through the
international cULus and EAC certification. The various
pressure units and process connections required for
particular operating conditions are available at short notice.


Cảm biến đo áp suất wika
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