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HKC is the best leading corporation that always makes new innovation of valve automation in 21 st Century. HKC’s unique know-how comes from technical theory and experience is basic power of development and production of all products, and HKC is growing into a first class corporation that leads valve automation industry with potential energy and edge-techniques

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Model: HM004, HM020, HM060, HM100~300


DESCRITION – HM-series electric multi-turn actuator is specially designed for all multi turn valve applications such as globe, gate valves and similar usages

– Wide range of output torque and control options meet your specific requirement
– HM-series provides high reliability and performance
– HM-series is simple and safe, and rapid non-intrusive commissioning with infra-red control
– The digital position display clearly indicates the status of valve and actuator
– With our extensive product range and engineering knowledge, HKC can provide solutions for costomer requirements
– User friendly easy controls and indication
– simple commissioning & trouble shooting
FEATURES – Robust and low weight due to high grade aluminum alloy housing (except HM-100~300)

– High corrosion resistance due to hard anodizing and polyester coating
– Direct output torque range from 35N.m to 3000N.m
– Wide range of voltage available
– Digital LCD window & smart design
– Rugged design construction (Water tight : IP68, Explosion proof : Eexd IIb T4, IP68)
– Hand wheel for manual operation engaged by a hand/auto lever
– Valve torque indication
– Setting tool (infrared setup)

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